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Bestica UX Speaker's Series - Conquering the Mountain: Problems and Solutions for a UX Engagement

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Date: January 20, 2016
Time: 12pm ET
As UX consultants, we are often brought in mid-project with high expectations for ‘fixing’ or ‘adding in’ UX. So, what do you do when you are tasked with solving a large problem on a project already in progress, without the benefit of proactively building the UX solution into the project planning? It’s a tough mountain to climb.
Join Jenine Lurie of DisruptiveExperience as she shares with you a comprehensive approach for how to break down large UX problems into manageable chunks. Her methods provide a useful and applicable framework for solving business goals and meeting customer expectations. Learn how to apply techniques like persona modelling, task-flow analysis, and contextual inquiry to reduce complexity in large projects that can seem insurmountable. 
Bestica, Inc. is the leading UX staffing agency with the expertise of working professionals solving real-world problems. This is not a marketing or sales presentation filled with meaningless buzz words. We are providing this special webinar free of charge for our community of UX practitioners designed to help make you better at what you do.
Key Agenda Points:
Being Disruptive
Engaging the Project Team
Integrating UX into the Existing Process
Setting Expectations and Deliverables
Real-World Case Studies
Speaker Bio:
Bestica is honored to have Jenine Lurie as the inaugural speaker for our UX Speakers Series webinar event on January 20, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. CST. 
Jenine has worked as a UX Consultant and Digital Strategist for a wide variety of clients including Met Life, Wells Fargo, The Museum of Modern Art, and HarperCollins Publishers. She is firmly established as an expert problem solver and visionary in the UX community. She is the founder of, which uses customer journey engineering to solve large and complex problems for clients in application design and development.  
Jenine's professional network includes the MIT Enterprise Forum, New York City Chapter Usability Professionals Association, NYC-Computer Human Interface Community, and the American Society for Information Science and Technology. She earned her undergraduate degree in Communications and Cognitive Science (CCS) from Hampshire College and a Master of Professional Studies degree from New York University through their Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP).
Sponsored by: 
Bestica, Inc.
Presented by:
Jenine Lurie, Disruptor-in-Chief at DisruptiveExperience
Can't attend? No problem. Register now to access the recording to watch at your leisure. Don't forget to forward this email to your colleagues who could benefit from the program.
Bestica, Inc. | 3463 Magic Drive Suite # 225A | San Antonio, TX 78229
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