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This week in UX - Taking your career to the next level

Here at BesticaUX our mission is to match the best talent in the fields of User Experience Design and User Interface Design with the best career opportunities for these hotly in-demand skills.

The majority of our candidates are seasoned UX and UID veterans eligible for the high-paying senior-level positions we have available. Because of the increased attention this field is receiving, many members of our community are just starting out their careers in UX/UI.

These new UXers come from such varied backgrounds as Content Development, Marketing Research, Visual & Graphic Design, or study of Psychology as applies to Human Computer Interaction.

If you are new to UX, you are going to need a variety of resources to find your niche in this exciting field. Here is a great article from Jerry Cao at UXPin that features some of the best resources out there to launch your UX career, including many education programs and community links.

Because User Experience Design and User Interface Design are often paired in the same sentence (UX/UI), one of the most basic distinctions to make is understanding the difference between UX and UI

In the following infographic you can see how UI is actually a subset of UX design. This chart also shows how the other disciplines contribute to and overlap with the field of UX.

Finally, in order to personify the journey of a career in UX, we'd like to share with you the stories of 3 UX practitioners and how they came into their care....

We hope you harvest some useful UX knowledge from the crop of articles we've gathered for you this week. Tune in next week to learn what new and exciting resources in the field of UX we've curated for your enjoyment!

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