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Using Social Media to Find Your Ideal UX Job!

What is a Tweet? Who is on Facebook? What’s a LinkedIn Profile?

It’s fair enough to say that these questions are today obsolete!! The reach of social media and the rapid adoption of social channels are evident. Though we hear people arguing about how long the fever of social media will remain (that it might just be a phase), we all can safely agree that in the present day social media is here to stay! 

I just saw a Facebook friend request from my 8 year old nephew in Nepal And, my cousin last night called in great excitement to announce her big internship that she got via her connection on LinkedIn!! Social channels are not only helping you connect & share with your family and friends, but are also being a very efficient mode to land your next job (may be your ideal ONE!).

BusinessNewsDaily recently posted this interesting article on 8 Ways Social Media Can Help You Get A Job. A lot of these tips have been out there in recent times, but reading through them again certainly reemphasizes on how best you can leverage social media in your professional career advancement. In the above article by BusinessNewsDaily, Tip #2 “Showcasing your work” definitely grabbed my attention. And, I couldn’t help but nod in agreement, while reading it, that it stands so true especially in UX Design industry. I believe I would be speaking for all UX Designers, Information Architects, Visual Designers, and even Usability & User Researchers (some clients do ask for portfolio of usability studies) when I say that a Portfolio holds great importance in showcasing their design thoughts/concepts, process & results. And, having them on social networks definitely gains a wider audience for your work and makes it easier for a prospective hiring client to spot your expertise/experiences.

And not just showcasing your work, but keeping your work status active on social networks too can be very helpful. Couple of weeks back, a UX Designers tweeted that he just wrapped up a very high profile mobile project and that he is looking for another exciting gig. And, we had a client who was looking for a similar profile like his for one of their new mobile projects. So, I shared the information with our UX recruiter and he connected quickly with the UX Designer on Twitter and took the conversation on from there.

So, social network not only helped us to find the apt design talent asap but also brought a brand new project to the designer’s doorstep, without much effort!

At the end of the day, though social media may have some people raising concerns, it is a tool in our arsenal which when aptly leveraged can assist us in our career advancement in many ways!

Have you experienced or heard of any similar or other career related stories that got a boost from social media? Would love to hear them!

P.S. The Best Ways to Use Social Media in Your Job Search’ from Forbes also shares some good tips for using social media in a job search. A good read!








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Comment by Shilpi Joshi on December 28, 2012 at 3:51pm

I understand your reservation/concern about the “time consuming factor” of social media. But, I strongly believe that people drive the social media and not the other way around :-). It can be daunting to get started, but you can start of by focusing on any one of the social media platforms first (one that puts you at ease) and then take it from there.

LinkedIn definitely is growing to be the hub spot where professionals enjoy & grow their networking. And, there are many professional/corporation groups that you can join/follow there. So, may be you can start from there. It arms you with many tools/services. But, as mentioned in my blog above, the first and foremost step would be to ‘update your professional profile’, make sure your most recent work is included, before you begin any networking activity.

And, we would love to hear your success story anytimeJ. Feel free to share!!

Good Luck!

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